SHIPPING & HANDLING - All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate or 1st Class.
I ship to the US & US Territories.  I'll also ship to other countries via
USPS Priority Flat Rate.  
Please select the correct packaging for parts ordered.   Smaller parts may be combined into an envelope.  Do ensure you select the
proper method & location so shipping will be applied.
I do get some orders where folks fail to complete proper shipping information, and that will delay an order, or cancellation on my part.

Usually Ships In 2 to 3 Business Days - this normally means it is taken to the Post Office in 2 to 3 days, and I do wish to clarify this.
Obviously, per additional details below, orders placed on Saturday afternoon, will not ship until Monday.  Refer to flight schedule below.

If ordering oil or larger items, and if they fit into the Video type boxes, I will package in those instead.
Larger items, or items that I consider rather fragile, will be boxed.

Delivery Conformation
Delivery Conformation is now available at no additional charge, when available, and if available depending on payment method.
I highly recommend using PayPal as your payment source.  You can pay with a Credit Card via PayPal, and are not required to have a
PayPal account.

Time Frame:  it may take as long as 2 weeks to receive your part, hopefully less, but  I do live in American Samoa.
General turn around time for most has been 10 to 14 days.   I am hearing from folks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and
Florida, that their orders arrive in approximately 6 days.  

If you order on a Saturday afternoon, or Sunday, your package will ship on Monday.
If you feel the shipping time is outside your expectations, please go ahead and cancel your order - I understand

Lost Packages:
I will not be responsible for packages lost by the Postal Service.  However with the current method of shipping I am using, all packages
do have Delivery Confirmation, so there is a form of tracking the package down.

Small Boxes: Will usually make a normal flight.
Large Boxes: We only have 1 cargo flight a week.  It usually comes in on Fridays, but the schedule is subject to change.  If the part
misses that weeks flight out, it will not ship from the Post Office until the following weeks cargo flight.

My apologies for the any delay, but honestly, it is out of my control.  Hence I try to offer my parts for a little less, and save by shipping USPS
Priority Mail - Flat Rate, and besides, who else can say they got their part from an
Exotic South Pacific Island!!!  

Flight Schedules
American Samoa is serviced by Hawaiian Air Lines.

About Downloads:
Please see the Home Page  (click the link to the left), middle commentary section about Downloadable items.

Thanks for visiting my site, and again, if you feel the time frame to receive items it to long, cancel the problem.
If you disagree with my terms on shipping, again, please feel free to cancel the order.
The shopping cart has a required check box that says "YES" I read this page, if you did not read this page, and merely checked
"YES" to complete an order, I am sorry, I cannot help that...honestly...that is your own fault, and I will not cancel an order that has
already shipped, or has had postage purchased for it.

Orders with incomplete, or incorrect shipping charges.  I make every effort to contact you to advise of such.  If you do not respond in
the given time frame, I may elect to purchase the shipping, and ensure you receive the desire part in a timely fashion.  
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