TNT Repair Return Policy
(Revised & Effective as of 08/10/15)
Should you receive a part that is:
  • Damaged (explain, and generally I am happy to replace it at no charge - must return before replacement is shipped)
  • Unsatisfactory (explain, shall evaluate your claim)
  • Incorrect Part (explain, and generally am happy to replace with correct item, must return other part before replacement is shipped)
  • Trouble Making Fit Properly (some after market parts are a problem to get fitted.  I do attempt to correct these before shipping, but may miss it)
  • Or Other Mechanical Reason (explain, and shall evaluate your claim)
  • Please explain the issue with the item as briefly as possible
TNT Repair will make every effort available to assist you in your order, refund, or other solution as possible
Once a return is approved, there is a 20% restocking fee, which TNT Repair may elect to waive.

Contact us first for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number
    Please do not:
  • return part(s) without first contacting TNT Repair
If you return a part(s) without a RMA, or an e-mail from TNT Repair allowing the return:
  • It may not be returned to you, and no refund will be applied
  • If it is returned to you, you may be billed for the additional shipping
  • The shopping cart is provided with a link to this page, and you must select you have read this page before an order is completed.  If you merely check the box to complete the order,
    and did not read this sorry, your return and credit will not be allowed
  • If merely stating the time frame is to long, it will not be allowed.  Links were provided to the Shipping Details Page, and an expectation to read that page was expressed.  
TNT Repair will not be held responsible should you check the "shipping is OK" box just to complete your order

No Exceptions - We have ask that you contact us before ordering:
  • To ensure you are getting the correct item, and I have the opportunity to help should one be uncertain
  • That by checking the "shipping time frame" box on the shopping cart page, you have agreed that you understand that it may take 10 to 14 days, or perhaps longer, not often, but given
    Holidays, or other reasons as explained on the Shipping Details Page
  • That by checking the "return policy" box on the shopping cart page, you have agreed that you have read this page, and understand the return polices

  • TNT Repair will not be held responsible for damaged parts due to the improper handling / shipping  or attempted installation
  • Part(s) forced, or modified for installation(s)
  • 2nd time around (used): parts, motors, foot controllers, circuit boards, rebuilt circuit boards, or other electrical related item(s) - revised & effective 8/10/15
  • New (beyond 30 days of purchase) for: foot controls, circuit boards, or other related electrical component(s) - revised & effective 8/10/15
(Plus Note Warranty Replacement Option below)

All items under 50.00 in value are automatically insured by the Postal Service.
If your item is damaged in transit, please file your claim with the Postal Service.  

WARRANTY REPLACEMENT OPTION (Phase II):  9/22/10 - Parts Warranty Protection - Subject to change without notice, existing warranties purchased will remain in effect. one supplies a warranty on parts they sell, unless installed by a trained professional.  For example your purchase a gear, and during installation by yourself & not a
trained professional, you botch it and damage it.  To bad, your fault, your loss.  Well TNT Repair wishes to turn this around & offer you Total Customer Confidence with the products you
purchase from this site.  I already know & trust my parts, have used them for many years, but for you, the DIY, you have no assurance to back you up should you botch it during
Well...I am willing to test bed this feature & offer you some additional assurance towards your purchase & repair attempt.  You may purchase, as an option, an extended warranty for
select parts shown on this site.  You will be allowed a "One Time Replacement"  Phase II offers 2 different levels of extended protection.  Should Phase II options change, your original
purchase with a warranty option, should you choose, will still be covered.  If you have questions about this, do please contact me.  Again, it is totally off the board for anyone to offer
this, and I wish to see if you folks are interested in this type of offering.  Please notify me immediately if you damaged your part so I may reserve one from inventory for your.  If you do
not notify me immediately,
I cannot guarantee an immediate replacement.
Phase II of Implementation for Warranties:
  • 45 Day Warranty - $2.00 additional cost
  • 90 Day Warranty - $4.00 additional cost
Warranties include full replacement & shipping of your failed part.  Failed part/s must be returned to TNT Repair for inspection for advisory purposes to TNT Repair's Vendors for
product improvement, or defectiveness detection.
Items that are covered by this Phase II Implementation:
  • Limited to select Gears Listed on the Gears Page
  • Other items to follow - e.g., timing belts, cords, bobbin cases, feed dogs, position brackets, motor belts
Exceptions Not Covered By The Warranties Options:
  • All Parts - Are not covered due to Fire, Flood, Theft, or other acts of Mother Nature
  • Using the machine outside of its normal expectation (these are household machines, not designed for industrial sewing, using Nylon Threads, or other Commercial threads)
  • Other as might apply under normal logical consideration & use.  Again this leads to using Commercial or Nylon threads, sewing fabric's that would be considered outside the
    normal daily wear apparel.  Upholstery material, heavy canvas, materials that would normally be sewn on a Commercial Machine.

TNT Repair will not be held responsible for lost items by the Postal Service
Delivery Confirmation is now provided at no additional charge, and you will be sent a DC number for your order. (applicable to the US 50 state, and Territories)
Please do ensure you have added my e-mail address to your accepted e-mail contacts, or white list, to ensure you receive updated information about your order.  I will not be held
responsible to blocked e-mails, and one's failure to add this site's address to their listings of approved e-mails.

Please fill out the from below for a RMA, or general e-mail from TNT Repair allowing the return.
The above rules are subject to change without prior notice.

I honestly wish to ensure you are supplied with the correct part, one that works, and fits properly.
Always feel free to contact me before placing an order.

Please note, not all manuals are as clear as original manuals.  Today, most sites offer "scanned" copies.
TNT Repair will not be held responsible for a manual order that you feel is of low grade.
You will receive the owners, or repair manual as TNT Repair received from the vendor.  
No Refund will be allowed.  I make every attempt to provide as clear as usable manual possible, but at times pictures are just very difficult to scan
(for return request only)
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Your Yahoo Store Receipt #, last 4 digits
Downloadable Items
Once you have purchased an item that is Downloadable is yours, and absolutely no refund will be applied
Q: Why?  
  1. I have no control over blocking an item once sold that is Downloadable
  2. You completed the transaction, ordered in good faith, and I have to assume the item has been downloaded and now in your possession
  3. I have no assurance that you will delete the item, and have perhaps printed it
  4. I ask that one contact me first if uncertain
  5. I ask that one completes the check boxes when ordering, and that the Shipping Details Page & this page, the Return Policy Page, have been read and understood.  If you merely
    check the boxes to complete an order without reading these pages, I cannot help that, see item #4 above
  6. I wish to ensure one understands my policies, and if they do not agree, then by all means, please cancel your order before completing the short, empty the shopping
    cart by removing all items you may have wish to order

Q: Why not provide a link for us to download rather than suppling immediately?
A: How often have you look for something on the Internet, and would just love to have it immediately...only to find out someone might e-mail you later with a link for it...that just kills me.
You want it
NOW, require it NOW, that is why you were looking for it to begin with right...
I have provided it to you immediately, and again, it is
now yours

I do hope all might understand my policies, but again, contact me if you have questions about your potential order.
I am more than happy to help as best I can.
I may not have the answer, and if I don't...will gladly say so
If you ordered the incorrect guide, please let me know, perhaps I can help make it right, but please remember...I have to assume you have downloaded the guide, are in possession of it,
and again, I have no assurance it has been totally deleted, destroyed, or disposed of completely.
In short, I can only assume it is in your possession.