Some Basic Facts:
  • There is a abundance of Singer Sewing Machines on the market
  • There are plenty of “Do It Myself” folks out there
  • Those “Do It Myself” folks run into problems and could use some friendly help
  • The Singer Machine usually requires parts, in the nature of gears, belts, or just a simple adjustment
  • Perhaps the “Do It Myself” installed the parts, installed them correctly, but still cannot get it to work

This is where you and/or your shop come in.  I realize fully that no repair person really wants to straighten out
someone else’s mess.  As a repair person for over 40 years, the last thing I really wanted on my bench was someone
else’s attempt to repair a machine, but that is old school.  There are plenty of capable folks out there that are in fact
pretty handy with a screwdriver, perhaps you've encountered a few already, or maybe your one of them :-).  The fact
remains, it is now on your bench, ready for your magic touch.  Heck...I'm a big "Do It Myself" person as well, and I
have messed up, but when I can find someone that will help correct the issue, and they are kind and friendly about it -
they have just gained another life time customer!  So all in all, welcome those who wish to “fix it themselves”, they are
in fact looking for help now, and perhaps they haven't really messed it up that bad :-)
Besides, aren't we all trying to save a buck these days :-)

What I propose:
On my page mentioned above, I will provide:
A listing with a Logo, or Without a Logo, see the California & Florida page for differences
    (DJ Sewing – California Page, Ray Revette – Florida Page)
Contact Name – Phone – Address – Business Name if applicable
A Yahoo Map
Email Address (optional)
Web Site Address with a link if you have a site and would like it listed (optional)
A Brief on which makes & models you work on, if you make house calls or not
I wish to keep postings no larger than the California listing, but am flexible
I will provide you with every guide I have assembled at no charge, plus any future guides that I may produce,
that is over $150.00 in guides if purchased separately – what a deal in itself, plus the folder has some other
manuals available that are not even listed on the site
All guides may be downloaded, and will be put in a special folder area on the site
You will be sent a login ID & Password that will allow you access to the folder (please do not share your ID or
Password information with friends)
Customer testimonial listed with your ad (new 11/6/06 - limit 2 listings to an ad)

If you advertise in the phone book, radio, newspaper, or TV, you already know that is fairly expensive.  I’m sure you will find my rates very reasonable for what you are getting, and the hits that it is starting to receive.  My site went live
Aug 2006, and has received just over 460,000 hits plus some when it was a free Yahoo-GeoCities site.
We all run into problems from time to time and need a little friendly help.

This is a limited time offer, sign up now, and get lifetime listing.  As a big thank you for those already signed up,
your membership has just been changed to a lifetime membership as well.  I really want to see this grow.  There are
folks looking for help out there, so give it some thought.  If you have tinkered on your machine, wish to  make a couple
extra bucks tinkering on others, why not offer your knowledge, help someone else in your area, and don't forget the
manuals I offer that will help you help them

Listing w/Logo, Map, Brief, Name, Number, Address:  one time only - $ 70.00

Listing NO Logo, Map, Brief, Name, Number, Address: one time only - $ 50.00

Site Up Time & Modifications:
Unless Yahoo, which has now spun off to Aabaco, is having major problems, the site should be online 24 / 7.   I’m still working on an Index & Search feature.  Once a page becomes full of listings, the search and index will be a huge
benefit to those looking for someone in a particular area.  I’m not an HTML guru – so bear with me as pages start to
fill up.  Listing will be in alphabetical order of location/city.

Payment Information:
PayPal only for the time being...working on getting a credit card processor again...what a pain...

Note: I only bill once you approve of the test site listing, then it will go public

On the Lubricants page are some handy repair tags and estimate forms you might find handy in getting started

Due to Spam being submitted through the form once provided on this page, you may download the form, fill it out and
submit it to me via email.  Those dang Internet search robots...thanks...
Other Fine Print stuff: (updated 11/15/2007)
  • Please be sure of your listing details - Modifications are cool - no worries
  • The Site is rather new - so please bear with me as the site grows
  • Once you approve of your listing, it will be posted to the appropriate page & payment is expected
  • Once payment is received - you will be sent a Login ID & Password, along with a link to the folder containing all the repair
    manuals & guides I have available.  Please feel free to download them to your computer
  • I do ask that you keep them to yourself, and not offer them for resale, or post on other sites for sale, or free
  • Refunds - There will be no full refunds - refunds will be prorated from the day listed to the day you wish to remove your
  • Both parties reserve the right to end a listing at any time
The short of it - If I start getting e-mail that a site listing may not be treating customers fairly, or their work is shoddy, hopefully a
solution can be found to resolve issue's, but if not, and it is determined that there is no work around - the listing may be subject to
removal - it is in fact all about trying to help others help themselves.  I'd like to have genuine folks out there that are willing to help
out in one's time of need :-)  I know you're out there, but at the same time, I have known others that are only in it for the dollar.
If you have customer testimonials on your work - send them to me, or have them shoot me an e-mail telling me just how great they
think you are - I love that stuff :-)  Heck...I'll  even post it in your listing - what a plus for your listing.  I'll keep it limited though to about
2 testimonials - but can update them as they come in, and show the date of them

Again, the site is new, and I think the idea of listings will be a huge hit with visitors.  I get e-mails from time to time asking if I know
of anyone in a particular area.  
As with most any site, terms & conditions are subject to change - notifications of changes will posted only & appear on the main
page stating any changes made (under "What's New This Update - lower left area of main page)
Your rate, as mentioned above, is locked for 2 years, meaning current start year and the following year.
RATE CHANGE: Rates are onetime only...liftime so to speak :-)
Thanks for looking, and for your interest & consideration at being listed

TNT Repair would like to formally invite you, or your shop, to be listed on my     "Repair Contacts In Your Area"    page    -     Earn Extra Money Fixing Up Older Singer Machines - Thank You For Your Time & Consideration

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