Page created June 13, 2008
I will be adding other tip items to it as time goes along, but for now, the biggest question I get is about looping underneath the fabric.  Sometimes called "bird nesting".
I hope to keep the tips sort of..."one pager" bits of information that might help.
Do hope you find them handy, and hopefully helps provide a general idea of where to start
Am also giving You Tube a try at some small helpful video's, not much at the moment but for what it is worth - I'll expand on it as time permits and I learn or acquire a helping hand
Please bare in mind if watching my two You Tube video's...I am a one man band.  Holding the camera and trying to video something, I'll improve, but hope it helps some
Top Tension Testing Procedures For Most Model Singers
General Oiling & Cleaning, most all Singers
Checking a hook for burrs - assembled with the Slant-O-Matic,
but applies to all model Singer machines
The Theory of operation of the Singer 700 Series T&S top tension unit
Applies to all Stylist, Genie, or others fitted with this type of unit
There are differences in the unit/design, but the principle applies to all fitted
15 Class Singers - 15-91 / 15-90 / 15-30's
Owners Manual & Adjustor's Manual
Most all 15 Class Singer Models
201 Class Singers - 201 / 201K / 201-2 / 1200
Owners Manual - Most all 201 Class Singer Models
Replace Slide Plate & Spring - Most older Singers
Touch & Sew - 600 & 700 Series
Why Thread May Wrap Around The Bobbin Case
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Touch & Sew - 600 Series Plastic Gear Replacement Chart
Touch & Sew - 600 Series Items
About 700 Series T&S Slide Plates & Springs
Improved Threading for the Slant-O-Matic Series
Slant-O-Matic Series - Bobbin Usage Tip
Thread Looping Underneath My Fabric - Why???
General coverage for most makes & models & why this might happen
Simple 3 page brief of things that might cause your grief - New 04/13/12
Repair Manuals I Currently Offer - Reference the Page for your Model Series
Skipping or Dropping Stitches - New 4/16/12
Most models & makes, but as always, geared towards the Singer line
You Tube Link to show very brief video on installing the top cover on your
machine.  Some have asked for this as they fear breaking something with
the resistance the top lid has putting it back on
Touch & Sew - 700 Series Items
Very small clip on You Tube about the bottom piece of the cam stack when