If you name is listed below...you are not getting my email responses,
and perhaps updated invoice information

You either need to add me to you "white list", or approve my email address in your spam blocker software.  If a white
list request is sent, as some blockers do,
I will not attempt to respond to be approved, as mentioned on the home page,
that is your responsibility

Those listed below have had several returned, or bounced email's, and I am unable to contact you.  Yes...you may
have provided a "phone" number...but lets consider my time zone to yours, I really don't think you want me calling
you at midnight.  I know I certainly don't wish to have calls at 2 or 3 in the morning either, hence,
no phone is listed on the site.

As of 6/04/16
Diane K with 457 machine, AOL address rejected

Robert in France
Your email address appears incorrect - email server not found