My Fantastic
Daughter Crissy
sharing a complete make over
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Our Fantastic Son with "his" warden...LOL
Just kidding sweetie
Whom have made us Grand Parents
of two wonderful little boys right now
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Your host pictured with the "warden"
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A Little About Myself & My Site
Something I've wanted to put together for some time, but lacking the required experience on putting together one of
those really cool flashy sites, and given I'm using Yahoo's easy to assemble tools, this will do.  I do hope you find some
helpful information here about your Singer Sewing Machine.  I alone run this site, so I may not always be available, and
updates may not be that frequent, but I do attempt to update anytime I have something new to add.
Update as of April 23, 2010, I am a authorized repair center for Brother Home Machines, have been since 2006 or
2007, time flies you know...anyway, am offering parts for Brother Machines & am adding Viking basic stuff.
Other models will follow in due time.  

If you wish to email me, please feel free to, but I am not retired (just tired) :), and work a full time job.
Honestly, I may not have all the time needed to handle bundles of email's.  And for goodness sakes, don't Spam me, or
others for that matter.  I'm 3 to 4 hours (time zone) from the West Coast of the US, so if you don't hear from me right
hang in there, I'll get to it. The 3 or 4 hours depends on Day Light Savings Time, or not.

You should have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, or other compatible PDF reader for viewing any of my guides.  I understand
that Adobe Reader, version 6, may present some problems, and if so, might try upgrading to the latest version.  I'm
running version DC now, but most PDF's were created using version 5 and most now have been updated to version 9

Just to note
Some great Yahoo sewing groups are:

** wefixit ** - ** vintagesingers ** - ** singerslantsewing ** - ** singer_athena **

Thanks again for viewing my pages, and do hope you have found your visit to be informative & helpful in your quest.
Kind Regards To You All,

PS: should you find a part less expensive, feel free to email me for a price quote,
I do think I can beat most others - send me the site address so I may confirm the price in question
I worked for the Singer Company as a mechanic for 10 years, and then ran my own repair shop for another 10 years.  During the
latter 10 years, I also took care of a number of Dealers of other Brands in repairing their Singer Machines & their own brand carried
  • (1972 - 1982) Singer Sewing Machine Company; Fresno, CA. (Repair Department - Lead Mechanic)
  • (1982 - 1992) Terry's Sewing Center; Fresno, CA. (Sewing Machine Repair, Building & Repairing Computers)
  • (1992 - 2006) IT Manager for Amerika Samoa Bank, becoming ANZ, Amerika Samoa Bank in 2000 by acquisition
  • (2006 - 2007) Established my own business again - TNT Repair, Pago Pago, AS - Sewing Machine & Computer Repair
  • (7/16/07 - 11/9/07) Returned to ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank, as a Project Conversion Assistant
  • (12/03/07 - to present) New career with the Judiciary System

Caution: Fixing Up Older Singer Machines' may be become a habit forming for some :-)
Wish I could offer everything for free to you folks,  but the site isn't free, plus I haven't found a parts supplier that will give the
stuff away.  I do think you'll find my parts less expensive than others have to offer - same part - just less.  If not, hey let me know.

Just where the heck am I anyway
Goggle Earth users...type in
American Samoa, or 170W, 14S
Uploaded 5/1/07
Quilt for our grandson - Made by my mom
Mary F Fielding
December 28, 1915 - March 16, 2012
Our Son, Daughter & two grand children pictured with
Former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin
August 15, 1943 - February 22, 2017
New Shriners - 2009 - I'm 3rd from the left
Member & Master Of Lodge
Benjamin Kneubuhl No. 441
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Note: We have not had open Lodge
for about 3 years due to lack of
members. Plus our Lodge was
severely  damaged by Cyclone Gita
Far right back row our Drill Sergeant son
with Congresswoman
Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen
& Some of the Graduating Class